WhatsApp Won’t Restrict App Features For Not Accepting Privacy Policy

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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After WhatsApp released the news about the new privacy policy, the company has been constantly facing criticism from users. The new privacy policy adds new terms that ensure that the messaging app will share data with Facebook. But after users started saying that they won’t accept the new policy and are ready to lose the app features, the company appears to have revised its decision.

The company has decided not to restrict the app’s functionality for app users who don’t consent to the new privacy policy after doing discussions with the authorities and privacy experts.

WhatsApp states “this is the plan moving ahead indefinitely” and doesn’t mention if there’s still a chance of once again forcing the users to accept the update.

Given the current discussions with privacy experts and distinct authorities, we want to make clear that WhatsApp will not restrict the functionality of how WhatsApp works for those who haven’t accepted the update yet. WhatsApp tells that it is planning to move forward and at the moment, won’t restrict the features for the users that don’t accept their privacy policy.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy came into effect on May 15. Before that, the company had said that those who don’t agree to the new terms can lose access to some WhatsApp features like the ability to access the chat list or audio and video calls. This decision by WhatsApp, not only upset users but also raised concerns from governments across the globe.

Even, WhatsApp updated its support article regarding the privacy updates to give affirmation that “no one will lose the existing features of WhatsApp and won’t have their account deleted.”

The messaging app company also claims that a maximum of its users has accepted their privacy policy.

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