Windows 10 KB5003214 update causes taskbar display glitches

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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The newest Windows 10 2004, 20H2, and 21H1 preview update is causing some display issues and glitches on the taskbar’s system tray.

The previous week, Microsoft released the optional Windows 10 KB5003212 cumulative preview update so that users and the enterprise will be able to test the fixes which will be upcoming in the mandatory June 2021 Patch 2021 Tuesday updates.

The recent update additionally activates the latest Windows 10 News and Interests taskbar news feed for all users who have Windows 10 2004 or later version installed.

After installing the recent update, several users report that the system tray in the Windows 10 taskbar started having display glitches wherein the tray icons disappear and get pushed to the right, overlay each other, or get pushed slightly off the edge of the screen.

A user on Reddit posted that he started encountering an issue within the new News and interest taskbar feature. He said that he got the taskbar feature recently within the last few weeks and doesn’t recall exactly when as he shut it off immediately and things were looking fine. However, after installing a few updates (21H1, KB5003214, KB5003254), the notification area in the taskbar’s bottom right edge began functioning oddly.

Below we have provided an image that gives an example of these display glitches, and you can see the system tray icons all overlaying each other in a mess.

System tray display glitches
System tray display glitches (Source: Reddit)

After users experimented with various settings, it was found that the bug is caused when the News and Interest widget on the taskbar is disabled.

On disabling the news widget on the taskbar, a new system tray icon is displayed which triggers the glitch. And, once you enable the News and Interests widget again, the icons start to display properly.

Windows 10 users who were impacted by this bug identified that this bug could be fixed just by uninstalling the KB5003214 preview update. But, unless Microsoft releases a fix for this issue before June 8th’s Patch Tuesday, all Windows 10 users will have to face this issue.

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