SUSE Announced The Release of Longhorn 1.1

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SUSE, an owner of the Rancher container management platform, announced the release of Longhorn 1.1. Longhorn is being developed as a sandbox project under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The latest version (Longhorn 1.1) enables Rancher users to take maximum advantage of a Kubernetes-native storage solution in low-powered hardware at the edge.

Longhorn 1.1 enables DevOps teams to effortlessly handle and manage persistent data volumes in any Kubernetes environment at the same time brings an enterprise-grade yet the vendor-neutral approach to cloud-native storage.

Gartner, global research and advisory company forecasts that within the year 2025, three-quarters of enterprise-generated data will be produced and processed at the edge – outside a conventional centralized data center or cloud. Keeping that in mind, Longhorn 1.1 enables developers to positively develop applications and save or store the data in edge environments on resource-constrained devices.

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What’s New in Longhorn 1.1?

The latest Longhorn 1.1 lets the users of Rancher build added flexibility into their edge environments with ARM64 support, unique self-healing capacities, and enhanced performance clarity.

Longhorn 1.1 introduces several new features and enhancements for enterprise DevOps teams, also including:

  • Robust Kubernetes-native storage at the Edge
  • Enhanced Visibility and Operations Support
  • Boosted Maintenance Functionality
  • Increased Resilience

Sheng Liang, president of engineering and innovation at SUSE and former CEO of Rancher Labs, stated Longhorn 1.1 is a remarkable and crucial update as it adds support for ARM64 processors that will be applied broadly in edge computing platforms. Those platforms are producing and accumulating data that requires to be processed and examined in real-time on platforms that need some sort of steadfast storage.

Liang additionally stated that Longhorn 1.1 likewise add self-healing capacities that will determine to be crucial on the edge computing platforms while a complication occurs.

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