Rancher Labs to release Longhorn for Kubernetes

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Rancher Labs, a provider of the Kubernetes management platform declared the general availability (GA) of Longhorn, lightweight, a cloud-native, and robust distributed storage platform for Kubernetes. The union of Rancher with Longhorn allows the placement of steadfast block storage in the Kubernetes environment simple, quick, and secure.

Simple, Quick and Secure

By a single click deployment from the Rancher application catalog additionally provides the capability to secure, stock, and backup storage over any Kubernetes cluster. Which simply implies easy storage of Kubernetes.

Longhorn’s Beta variant was published in 2019, till that date, as a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Sandbox project thousands of clients have battle-hardened Longhorn by stress-testing the product.

While companies expand more further production applications in containers, the requirement for steadfast container storage proceeds to increase quickly. Longhorn fulfills the demand for a 100% open source and simple-to-deploy enterprise-grade solution for Kubernetes storage.

The common availability variant of Longhorn gives a vibrant collection of business storage characteristics, consists:

  • Thin-provisioning, snapshots, backup, and recover
  • Non-disruptive volume increase
  • Hybrid-cluster failure recovery capacity with defined RTO and RPO
  • Live upgrade of Longhorn software without affecting running volumes
  • Full-featured Kubernetes CLI union and standalone UI
  • Clients can take full advantage of Longhorn to build shared block storage imitated over local disks. Longhorn additionally helps as a link to integrating enterprise-grade storage with Kubernetes by allowing clients to deploy Longhorn on current NFS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel storage arrays and cloud storage systems such as AWS EBS, all the while computing valuable features such as application-aware snapshots, backups, and remote replication.

Choices for 24/7 enterprise assistance are accessible from Rancher Labs while Longhorn is utilized in association with Rancher.

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