IBM Unveils z16 Mainframe

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American Multinational company International Business Machine unveiled a new Z-series mainframe.

In 2019, IBM launched the z15 mainframe, and now it is making the z16 mainframe available starting May 31, 2022.

American Multinational company International Business Machine unveiled a new Z-series mainframe.

In 2019, IBM launched the predecessor z15 mainframe, designed to enable industry-leading seven-nines availability for IBM Z and LinuxONE systems, and the z16 mainframe will be generally available on May 31, 2022.

IBM said that its z16 mainframe possesses a new 7nm Telum Processor. The new mainframe can perform AI inferencing on transactions with 300 billion inference requests per day, all of these at just a mere one millisecond of latency while performing fraud management analysis.

IBM further said that it could use the z16 mainframe’s AI capabilities for loan approvals, clearing and settlement, and federated learning for risk in detail.

Senior Vice President of IBM Systems Ric Lewis stated that IBM is considered the gold standard for highly secured transaction processing. Following the innovations of IBM z16, our clients can increase decision velocity by inferencing right where their mission-critical data lives. Thereby opening up massive possibilities to change the game in their respective industries so they will be positioned to offer better customer experiences and more powerful business results.

Furthermore, IBM states that about two-thirds of the Fortune 100 companies, eight of the top 10 insurers, 45 of the globally recognized top 50 banks, eight of the top 10 telcos, and 7 of the top 10 global retailers depend on the mainframe for critical processes.

General Manager of IBM System, Ross Mauri stated that IBM z16 is the industry’s first quantum-safe system crafted to offer clients protection against harvest now, and decrypt later attacks.

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