cPanel rolls out EasyApache 4 April release

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cPanel launched EasyApache 4 April 1 release and changelogs. The latest release includes a security patch has been issued with a fix for a CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures). As stated in security patch notes cPanel, L.L.C. has updated RPMs for EasyApache 4 with OpenSSL version 1.1.1e. The latest release addresses bugs related to CVE-2019-1551. The cPanel advises users to upgrade to OpenSSL version 1.1.1e as all versions of Open SSL through 1.1.1d are afflicted by the vulnerability.

EasyApache 4 April release also involves


   • EA-8928: Updated the required version for ea-libcurl

   • EA-8898: scl-ruby24-passenger has been updated to v6.0.4 from v5.3.7

scl-php54, scl-php55, scl-php56, scl-php70, scl-php71, scl-php72, scl-php73

   • EA-8928: Updated the required version for ea-libcurl


   • EA-8928: Updated the required version for ea-libcurl


   • EA-8947: libcurl has been updated to v7.69.1 from v7.68.0

   • EA-8928: Added version check for libssh2


   • EA-8948: ea-tomcat85 has been updated to v8.5.53 from v8.5.51


   • EA-8946: ea-openssl11 has been updated to v1.1.1e from v1.1.1d 

EasyApache 4 is an overview of how cPanel and WHM manage your Apache and PHP distribution and is RPM/Package based. This intends no further long recompile of Apache and PHP every time a module is required. MultiPHP support provides for a different PHP version for each virtual host and also enables different PHP handlers to be used for those versions.

EasyApache 4 brings several enhancements over EasyApache 3. Using binary packages enables faster updates and installations. EasyApache 4 uses Software Collections Library (SCL) for PHP packages, allowing the installation of various versions of PHP on the file system. In addition, paths have been rearranged to allow EasyApache 4 to function more effectively and allow multiple directories to store data.

Recently cPanel said that with the release of TSR-2020-0002 two bugs in cPanel & WHM software versions 86, 84, and 78 have been fixed. Also in the future, the cPanel team will add new data about the behavior of security problems.

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