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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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cPanel & WHM version 86 is released with improvements and new tools. The recent new update from cPanel.

The latest version is based on Perl version 5.30. Currently, it is not available for the servers which using Amazon Linus 1 OS. They can’t able to install the latest cPanel & WHM’s Version 86. The latest version of cPanel comes with a new and improved interface. With upgrades to EasyApache 4’s OpenSSL version, the introduction of TLS v1. Read cPanle Release Notes.

SSL Improvement

In the global configuration interface of cPanel & WHM version 86, SSL Use stapling setting is added. It will help you to enable OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) stapling. An OCSP response for its own certificate will include the TLS handshake. It will also help to improve AutoSSL’s execution time. It will verify a domain’s DNS configuration and Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA) at the same time.

DNS Zone Manager Interface

From WHM’s DNS Zone Manager Interface, All users can easily manage DNS zones. You can easily create and update the new DNZ zone recorded with the user-friendly interface. The same thing you can find in the Edit DNS Zone interface.

New Mailserver Configuration

In WHM’s Mailserver Configuration, the New Idle Hibernate Timeout setting is included. It will allow the user to configure the delay before the system moves users to the IMAP hibernate process. This newly included feature will help to the same system memory.

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