Amazon Web Services, as Expected, is Forking Elasticsearch

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Amazon Web Services (AWS), though is not the only company that has an unfavorable opinion for Elastic’s decision to relicense Elasaticsearch under the non-open-source Server Side Public License.

As the makers of Elasticsearch announced that it is changing its license from open source Apache 2.0-license (ALv2) to the non-open-source friendly Server Side Public License (SSPL), it was quite predictable that we would soon observe AWS sponsored Elasticsearch and Kibana forks.

And, the next day AWS tweeted, “will launch new forks of both Elasticsearch and Kibana based on the latest Apache 2.0 licensed codebases.”

Latest ALv2-Licensed Codebases

AWS said that its Elasticsearch and Kibana forks will be based on the newest ALv2-licensed codebases version7.10. We will also be seeing new GitHub repositories in the forthcoming weeks. The cloud giant additionally gave the assurance that these changes won’t impact Amazon Elasticsearch Service clients negatively. Presently, AWS offers 18 versions of Elasticsearch on Amazon ES and none of them are impacted by the license change.

AWS additionally stated that, in the future, Amazon ElasticSearch will be powered by the latest fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana. They will continue to offer compatibility so as to minimize the need to update client or application code and continue to offer a smooth and uninterrupted route for new versions of the software.

The company added that current change won’t hinder the speed of delivering enhancements and improvements to its clients. However, on the contrary, a community-owned Elasticsearch codebase opens a door for new possibilities for AWS to improve stability, scalability, resiliency, and performance.

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