Tencent Cloud Achieved the highest multi-tier cloud security standard.

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The big announcement from Tencent Cloud, they achieved the highest multi-tier cloud security standards.

Multi-Tier Security Standard, short-form is (MTCS SS). It covers multiple tiers and it is the world’s first security standard. It provides the highest level of security to the cloud user, as special for enterprise in Singapore, Asia, Around the world. Tencent Cloud, China’s second-largest cloud player has achieved more than twenty international certifications. And all are related to public cloud information protection.

Why MTSC SS is the world’s first Security Standard?

In 2013, It is the world’s first security standard firstly launched in Singapore. It covers the major areas including cloud infrastructure security, cloud governance, cloud service administration, cloud operations management, tenancy, and customer isolation, cloud user access, liability, disaster recovery, data retention, as well as issue and incident management.


It shows how Tencent Cloud continues to establish itself by acquiring the world’s highest level MTSC SS security standards. It helps Tencent to move from the fifth position to the fourth position in Asia pacific cloud vendor ranking. We are proud and happy to receive this international security standard.

– Poshu Yeung, Vice President of the Tencent International Business Group



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