Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS) Launched By A10 Network

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Thunder Threat Protection System(TPS) is launched by A10 Networks. Thunder threat protection system provides cloud-ready DDoS defense, scalability, and agility with 100 Gbps in single virtual appliance.

A virtual DDoS defense solution is launched by A10 Networks. vThunder Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS) is the software version of the TPS. Now, all the customers can operate and build elastic DDoS defenses with 100 Gbps and it can be scaled to 800 Gbps with clustering in eight-way. And it can be integrated into mobile edge computing environments.

How does it help to protect cloud infrastructures and networks?

It is basically targeted for cloud service providers and 5G mobile operators which moves to virtualized infrastructure. Here, it is critical to defense DDoS. To protect large DDoS attackers must have strong defense for the operator that user virtualized private clouds.

Cloud-ready DDoS defense is enabled by vThunder TPS. It means you can achieve operational flexibility in a cost-effection manner. With A10’s FlexPool licensing, it provides the full scalability and agility. And also provides strong comprehensive protection. To achieve higher performance in DDoS detection, it can be merged with the Orion 5G Security Suite.

Recent release vThunder TPS customers can be used now. But for vThunder TPS 100 Gbps, have to wait till March 2020.

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