Samsung Cloud Won’t Support Gallery Sync and Drive Storage for My Files

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Samsung announced that Samsung’s Cloud service starting from the end of next month, will not support Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My Files. All the data stored on the Samsung Cloud will be deleted.

Additionally, Samsung also stated that the premium subscription of its Cloud service plans may also get canceled with possibilities of refunding the subscription amount to its subscribers.

Meanwhile, the features of Samsung Cloud will now be managed by Microsoft OneDrive; except few countries and devices.

According to Samsung’s notice, from November 30, Samsung Cloud will not be supporting the Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My Files. At the end of next month, all of the data stored on the cloud will also be deleted.

From October 1, Samsung has canceled premium subscription plans for its Cloud service.

Moreover, the company has suggested that Samsung Cloud users migrate their data to Microsoft OneDrive or download their data to offline storage i.e: smartphones or desktops.

The features which were previously offered by Samsung Cloud now will be supported by Microsoft OneDrive. Meanwhile, Samsung has offered methods and also opened a transfer window to migrate the data from Samsung Cloud to Microsoft. The deadline for migrating the data is given as November 30.

In the meantime, the users can also download their data from the Samsung Cloud to their personal storage. However, they might miss out on the chance to integrate into Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Samsung has offered detailed instructions for both the steps, integrating data to OneDrive and downloading it to personal storage.

One thing to note here is that if the users opted for OneDrive integration then the data stored on Samsung’s very own cloud service, Samsung Cloud will be deleted automatically, on completion of the data transfer.

On the other hand, if the user opts for the other option i.e: to download the data, all of the data on the cloud will be deleted on November 30.

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