Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform Released on IBM Power Virtual Servers

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On Tuesday, IBM revealed a brand new lineup of Power Systems capabilities and open-source-based tools that are designed to serve companies to deploy and manage the hybrid cloud infrastructures. Besides introducing the latest deployment and management tools, IBM additionally proclaimed that Red Hat’s OpenShift container platform is now available on IBM Power Virtual Servers.

IBM additionally stated the integration of OpenShift and IBM Power Virtual Servers enables companies and organizations to extend the cloud capabilities of their Power Virtual Servers infrastructure. Red Hat Runtimes likewise now supports IBM Power Systems, along with the latest dynamic capacity abilities that enable clients to scale compute capacity all over Linux, IBM i, and AIX. IBM further declared a new rack solution comprised of Power Systems servers and pre-configured private cloud software.

On June 2020, Adobe, IBM and Red Hat declared a strategic partnership.

Red Hat Open-Source Ansibles

In the meantime, six additional Red Hat open-source Ansibles which also include Patch Management, Security Management, OS and Application Deployment, Continuous Delivery, Centralized Backup, and Recovery — will likewise offer the enterprises more further flexibility and automation for deploying on the hybrid cloud. The six new Red Hat open-source Ansibles brings in the total number of Power-supported Ansible modules to 102. IBM said that the Power-supported Ansible modules have been downloaded over 11,000 times.

Stephen Leonard, GM of IBM Cognitive Systems stated that twelve months ago, IT practitioners encountered a hugely distinct landscape prior to the world was transformed by the current global coronavirus pandemic. However, in spite of all the challenges and difficulties, they believe that a hybrid cloud approach can provide 2.5x times the value derived from a single public cloud, as per the measurements by IBM’s Institute of Business Value. The Combination of IBM Power Systems and the greater IBM Systems portfolio represents a significant role in this shift or transformation to the hybrid environments.

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