Pure Storage acquires Portworx

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Pure Storage, a provider of SaaS(storage-as-a-service) in a multi-cloud world, signed a comprehensive agreement to procure Portworx, the Kubernetes data services platform enterprises hope to operate mission-critical applications in containers in production. By this acquisition, Portworx container data services will be consolidated with Pure’s Service Orchestrator software and Pure’s data platforms.

To build the Kubernetes data services platform

Pure Storage chairman and CEO Charles Giancarlo states,

As progressive-thinking enterprises adopt cloud-native tactics to improve their business, we are excited to have the Portworx team and their groundbreaking technology accompanying us at Pure to extend our journey in delivering multi-cloud data services for Kubernetes.

This procurement signifies a notable milestone in extending our Modern Data Experience to comprise conventional and cloud-native applications equivalent.

Portwox CEO Murli Thirumale states,

I am extremely proud of what we have built at Portwox: an unmatched data services platform for clients operating mission-critical applications in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

The traction and progress we observe in our business regularly display that containers and Kubernetes are crucial to the next-generation application architecture and therefore competitiveness.

We are thrilled about the stimulated growth and client impact we will be able to accomplish as a part of Pure

As per 451 Research, digital leaders are growingly moving to the cloud-native stack to process data into insight and value, Currently, 95% of the latest applications are developed in containers.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 85% of global businesses will be operating containers in production, up from 35% in 2019.

But as per Pure Storage, while conventional, cloud-native, and cloud-based storage can strive to match the fluid nature of microservice applications deployed in containers, creating data resiliency, mobility, security, backup, and recovery a challenge, particularly in multi-cloud deployments.

Cloud-native applications are worthy of a storage service platform purpose-built to discuss these difficulties, which is where the procurement originates in.

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