PUBG Mobile Banned 1,450,234 Accounts This Week

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PUBG Mobile developers are now taking action against cheaters with the help of several anti-cheat systems like the video review system.

As compared to last week, this week’s number of cheaters has decreased by 10%.

PUBG Mobile is a top-rated battle royal game on the mobile platform, having millions of players in the world. This also makes the door open for the cheaters who take unfair advantage with make little changes to the game. To tackle such cheaters and maintain fair play, they have developed some reliable anti-cheat systems like a Video Review System and Script Detection System.

They publish a Weekly Report which is having information like what type of action they have taken against cheaters.

Cheaters who have been Banned in the previous week, i.e., from 27/11 to 3/12, are included in its Fourteenth Report which is Published by PUBG mobile.

Information revealed by this week’s report is that over 1,450,234 Accounts were Banned with each receiving a permanent Suspension by PUBG Mobile.

The first report which was posted on 29th August in that 2,273,152 accounts were suspended. In the second one 1,838,223 accounts being suspended.

Last week, 1,607,120 accounts were suspended for cheating. This week 10% fewer cheaters are suspended compared to the previous week.

Analysis of the banned PUBG Mobile accounts

2 % of Conqueror tier accounts
8% of Ace tier accounts
11% of Crown tier accounts
13% of Diamond tier accounts
12% of Platinum tier accounts
10% of Gold tier accounts
11% of Silver-tier accounts
33% of Bronze tier accounts

Banned Cheat Report

26% of the cheats Banned due to auto-aim usage, auto-aim usage means it is used to shoot enemies automatically using third-party scripts.
24% of the cheaters used X-Ray Visions to gain the unfair advantage of the game and see the enemies position through covers and walls.
19% of them are used Speed hacks to perform enemies via an unfair movement advantage.
13% of the frauds were suspended for using a modification area damage; this is the area in which they could kill others instantly with increased bullet damage.
1% of the hackers were suspended because they utilized the modification of the character model hack to gain an unfair advantage using third-party plugins.
17% of them are banned due to reasons not specified.

Cheating in PUBG Mobile can be reported with the help of three main channels, Namely:

1: The in-game reporting system.

2: Customer service.

3: The PUBG Mobile community.

On September 2, PUBG and 118 apps were banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The reason for apps getting banned because they were prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India.

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