Lenovo Unveils 4 New Data Management Solutions

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Recently, Lenovo’s Data Center Group unveiled the latest products which are intended to allow end-to-end data management in progress to help clients unleash data with more efficiency and security with the help of just a single set of tools.

Low-Latency, High-Performance

The all-new  Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F allows clients of all sizes to improve analytics and AI deployments when stimulating applications’ access to data. This signifies driving high-performance, low-latency all-NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) storage.

Stuart McRae, Executive Director, and General Manager, Storage, Lenovo Data Center Group, stated clients to experience complications executing a cohesive data management system to examine, analyze, and process the data with more efficiency. Lenovo’s modern state-of-the-art data management architecture, in association with the industry’s most secure. ThinkSystem servers, allows clients to stimulate Analytics and AI within just one single platform.

The Lenovo DM Series storage systems will now have the support for the new S3 Object to build a next-generation centralized data management platform. It allows clients to analyze and manage all kinds of data in just one single storage platform.

Lenovo has improved its Lenovo ThinkSystem Intelligent Monitoring 2.0 software solution to minimize data management costs. This cloud-oriented management platform utilizes AI to ease and automate the care and optimization of Lenovo’s ThinkSystem storage to the environment.

The latest Lenovo DB720S Fibre Channel Switch offers 32Gbps and 64Gbps storage networking. Having said that, it delivers higher speed and up to 50 percent latency than the older generations. The DB720S offers autonomous SAN infrastructure with self-learning, self-optimizing, and self-healing abilities.

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