Oracle Releases Java 16 with 17 New Enhancements

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Oracle declared the general availability of the Java 16; Java Development Kit (JDK). The latest update finalizes the Pattern Matching for instanceof and Records enhancements.

Oracle’s new Java 16 incorporates 17 new enhancements to enhance productivity.

Among the several enhancements brought in the newest JDK, a new packaging tool to ship self-contained Java applications; upgraded memory management to enhance performance; extra incubating and preview features; improvements intended to address future-incompatible code; new ports for JDK to Alpine Linux and other Linux distributions; and enhanced networking to improve developer productivity and adaptability by adding support for all features of UNIX-domain sockets that are popular among major UNIX platforms and Windows.

The Java 16 release from Oracle additionally finalizes Pattern Matching for instance of and Records, language enhancements that were first previewed in Java 14.

Since the launch of Java10 in 2018, Oracle offers to release it every six months. Since Java 10, Oracle has offered 16 JEPs in Java 14, five in Java 13, eight JEPs in Java 12, and 17 in Java 11. The JDK 16 offers 17 new JDK enhancement proposals (JEPs). If we take a look at the comparison, Java 9 incorporated a mammoth 90 JEPs.

A year ago, JDK14 introduced pattern matching and records and since then it has gone through several rounds of community feedback based on real-world applications. The process not only provided developers the chance to experiment with the feature before being finalized but also includes important feedback which has emerged in two rock-solid JEPs that actually suffice the requirements of the community.

Earlier in September 2020, Oracle released Java 15.

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