Oracle released Java 15

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Oracle declared the general availability of the Java 15 (Oracle JDK 15).  After 25 years of innovation, Java thrives to be the #1 programming language, used by almost 69 percent of full-time developers across the globe. The latest Java Development Kit (JDK) offers the latest functionality, incorporating Hidden Classes (JEP 371) and Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (JEP 339), along with the former preview features now finalized: Text Blocks (JEP 378) and ZGC (JEP 377).

Java is the topmost preference

Java is extensive across organizations of all sizes. With over 51 billion active JVMs deployed across the globe, Java is the topmost preference in terms of modern enterprise application development, which include analytics, big data, DevOps, microservices, data management and chatbots.

Georges Saab, VP of development, Java Platform Group, Oracle stated,

On the 25th birthday of Java, we will keep on continuing to make technology investments that will boost Java innovation ahead and help address the quickly changing technology landscape. The availability of Java 15 and the incremental shift that comes with the shift to a six-month release cadence provides the Java community the tools they require to build modern applications that move our world forward.

The Java 15 release is the outcome of industry-wide development including open review, weekly builds, and extensive partnership among Oracle engineers and global members of the Java developer community through the OpenJDK Community and the Java Community Process. The latest features offered in Java 15 are:

  • Latest Functionality
    • JEP 339: Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA) – With the implementation of cryptographic signatures that use the EdDSA as described by RFC 8032, this functionality enhances security and performance
    • JEP 371: Hidden Classes – By introducing this feature, productivity is improved as the working of java with the framework is improved
  • Preview Features Now Finalized
    • JEP 378 Text Blocks – This feature, was a preview feature in JDK 13 and JDK 14, enhances developer productivity by incorporating multi-line string literals and automatically formatting strings in an expected way.
    • JEP 377: ZGC – In JDK it was introduced as an experimental feature but for now this scalable, low-latency garbage collector moves to production.
  • Cleanup
    • As with prior feature releases, JDK 15 depreciates outdated functionality (JEP 374: Biased Locking, JEP 385: RMI Activation) and excludes priorly deprecated functionality (JEP 372: Nashorn JavaScript Engine) and ports (JEP 381: Solaris and Sparc)

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