Mozilla to Begin Disabling FTP Functionality From Next Week With Removal Set For Firefox 90

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After disabling FTP functionality, Mozilla will remove the code in Firefox 90.

Now, as Mozilla is disabling support for FTP functionality, the management of clicking on the FTP links from within Mozilla Firefox will be soon be passed to other applications.

About a year ago, Mozilla declared that it is soon disabling FTP functionality, however; the company also stated that it would delay the move depending on how the crisis turned out.

Mozilla has already disabled the FTP functionality in Firefox’s nightly channel and the Beta channel. For general release, FTP is scheduled to be disabled starting next week.

At this stage, whenever Firefox meets an FTP link, it will try to pass it off to an external application.

Mozilla add-ons community manager Caitlin Neiman in a blog post wrote,

“In several places where an extension may pass ‘FTP like the filters for proxy or web request should not result in an error, however, the APIs will no longer handle requests of those types”.

“To compensate for this removal, FTP has been added to the list of supported protocol_handlers for browser extensions. This indicates that extensions will be capable of helping users launch an FTP application to handle some specific links.”

Later in June after releasing two cycles, Firefox 90 will have the FTP implementation eliminated. This will likewise impact Firefox on Android.

Mozilla software engineer Michal Novotny said,

“FTP is an unsafe protocol and there are no reasons to favor it over HTTPS for downloading resources.

Also, a piece of the FTP code is pretty old, unsafe, and difficult to manage and we encountered a bunch of security bugs in it previously.”

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