Microsoft Edge Version Beta 88 Receives Performance Enhancements

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Microsoft is introducing a sleeping tabs feature to its latest chromium-based Edge version Beta 88 browser. The Beta 88 Edge additionally will have improvements like vertical tabs and some enhanced tools for browser cookies management.

With the roll-out of the sleeping tabs feature, CPU resource usage and memory usage have been extremely reduced. In September it initially unveiled this feature for Microsoft’s Edge version Beta 88 as a part of the Microsoft Edge experiment.

The Microsoft Edge Team stated that we have launched sleeping tabs so as to improve the CPU and memory usage of the browser.

The latest feature ‘sleeping tabs’ will enhance the performance by putting the inactive tabs to sleep and thereby free memory and CPU for active tabs or other applications.

As per Microsoft’s internal tests, sleeping tabs on Edge 88 lessens memory usage up to 32% on average. A sleeping tab utilizes 37% fewer CPU on ordinary than a non-sleeping tab. Since September, it’s been experimenting with this feature with Edge users on the Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev channels.

Now with the update, Edge incorporates a feature named startup boost that makes Edge launch more quickly by having it operate in the background. Additionally, the update has long-awaited vertical tabs for multi-tasking and multi-tabs management.

The vertical tabs allow users to move their tabs to the side, where vertically aligned icons and longer site titles make it simpler to quickly browse, identify and shift to the tab they desire to open.

Moreover, there is a collection of other updates and modifications in the Edge version Beta which also includes the removal of Adobe Flash.

Recently, Microsoft started rolling out new Windows 10 features to insiders with the Windows Features Experience Pack as a medium to offer the latest feature enhancements to clients outside of major Windows 10 feature updates.

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