Intel released Cloud-Hypervisor 0.5

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Cloud-Hypervisor 0.5 Released. Intel’s Cloud-Hypervisor 0.5 Released With Kata Containers Support, Other Features.

This good news is coming from intel’s open-source group. It is continuously working on Cloud Hypervisor as a Rustlang-written hypervisor for modern Linux VMs. It is a big release to the cloud-centered hypervisor. Cloud-Hypervisor 0.5 was released on 7 February 2020. And building off the shoulders of Firecracker, Googles’s CromVM and Rust-VMM.

Now, Kata Containers integrates into Cloud-Hypervisor 0.5. You can able to fully work with Kaka Container without any issue. It’s another intel-leed initiative.

You can get the support for virtual machine dynamic resizing in Cloud-Hypervisor. Also, get the support for multi-queue-threaded paravirtualization. You can get the benefits of a new interrupt management framework.

For better user experience, they worked on improving their development, build and testing tools. It provides a dev_cli script. All the contributors and users will be able to test and build Cloud Hypervisor through a containerized environment.

The main contributor, who gives their efforts to cloud hypervisor 0.5 is

  • Bo Chen
  • Cathy Zhang
  • Rob Bradford
  • Qiu Wenbo
  • Sebastien Boeuf
  • Samuel Ortiz
  • Yang Zhong
  • Sergio Lopez

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