Instagram’s New Sensitive Content Filter is Censoring Their Work, Users Complain

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Users of the social media giant Instagram aren’t happy with Instagram’s new sensitive content filter as it is blocking their posts.

According to news from The Verge, several Instagram users saw a warning while posting on both the feed and in Stories. They saw the warning that the setting is restricting their reach and that their followers should disable the filter to ensure their post bypasses the filter.

Philip Miner, an artist and the creator of queer hobby magazine Natural Pursuits, in his post that in the last 24 hours, he had numerous conversations with artists and other creators who are extremely disappointed with Instagram’s new sensitive content filter as their work is getting hidden by the filter.

Philip said that his previous post reached more than 700k people and has been shared more than 192K times. Users from all sorts of communities, including the art world, tattoo artists, and others, share their concerns.

Instagram’s new sensitive content filter: What’s it

The sensitivity filter which Instagram introduced on Tuesday lets users set limits on the amount of possible sensitive content they may view on their Explore page. The feature is deemed to filter content like self-harm content and by default, it’s turned on.

However, as per Instagram; the creators don’t have to worry. The app already restricted the number of sensitive content people view on their “Explore” page and “the default setting retains that filtering”.

Additionally, with the options introduced on Tuesday, users can restrict sensitive content or enable more such content to their explore page.

If we look at the other side, the new filter can prove beneficial for some users as they will see a rise in discoverability while more people allow sensitive content on their explore page.

Meanwhile, Instagram said that the change won’t have any impact on what users see in their stories or in their feed, Instagram will continue to show the posts from people they follow.

Instagram described the ”Sensitive Content” feature in its ”Recommendation Guidelines”, which is just applicable to content that is suggested in places like ”Explore” and ”IGTV Discover” and is much more extensive than its ”Community Guidelines”.

Instagram’s new sensitive content filter will filter sensitive content like nudity, sexually explicit content, tobacco-related content, or content related to pharmaceutical drugs.

According to The Verge, Instagram has made an attempt to offer people better and enhanced control over the photo-sharing platform.

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