Google Play developer accounts now need 2FA and a physical address

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Google said that the recent changes in the Google Play developer account requirements will ensure that developers are real people having proper contact information.

With the efforts to authenticate if the developers are real, Google recently made alterations to the information requirements for people with Play Store developer accounts.

At present, it just asks for an email address and phone number. However, Google will now request if the account is personal or for a business, a contact name, physical address, and verification of email and phone details.

In a blog post, Google said that your contact details let us share crucial information and about your app. Additionally, it helps in ensuring that every account is built by a real person with real contact information, as a result, helps to keep the Play Store safe for all the users.

Google further said these details won’t be public-facing and will solely help them to confirm your identity and communicate.

Additionally, Google will mandate that Google Play Console users utilize the two-factor authentication.

Starting from today, developers can declare whether their account is personal or for business, and authenticate the contact information. While declaring the account type is completely voluntary, it will be enforced if a developer wishes to update their contact information.

Fresh accounts will be having the account type, contact details, and two-factor authentication requirements enforced in August, while the developers who already have accounts will face the requirements “later this year”.

A few months back in March, Google dropped the commission for the Play Store sale to 15% for the first $1 million.

For more information on Play Dev ID requirements + 2-Step Verification (2021-06-28), read the below blog

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