Equinix Opens $144 million Singapore Data Center

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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On Thursday, Equinix announced the opening of the fifth data center in Singapore. The digital infrastructure company named the data center SG5.

Built with an investment of US$144 million SG5 is located at the Tanjong Kling data center park. This data center is said to be the tallest in the regional data center hub.

SG5 in its initial phase has over 41,700 sq ft (3,970 sq m) of colocation space and currently offers a capacity of 1,300 cabinets. Once its completely built, the SG5 will have a total colocation space of about 129,000 sq feet (12000 sqm)

SG5 is also interconnected with other Equinix data centers in Singapore through low-latency dark fiber links for securely connecting with 700+ companies in the market.

Equinix managing director of South Asia, Leong Yee May said that the SG5 facility includes innovative sustainability designs such as surface cooling technology named the Equinix Cooling Array.

The new cool technology aims to support high-density clients whilst minimizing water and power usage.

Additionally, Equinix SG5 will be utilizing recycled NEWater for its operations.

Leong additionally said that since 2020, Equinix has utilized 100 percent renewable energy for its operations in Singapore

She further said that Singapore continues to grow as the regional hub for digital exchange. And, as a part of Singapore’s National Green Plan 2030, Equinix will continue to support the digital transformation of the private and public sector with responsibility in action for environmental sustainability.

The digital infrastructure company, Equinix has around 230 data centers across the globe including forty-seven of them in Asia-Pacific countries like Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea.

In November last year, Equinix invested $55M in the third data center in Osaka, Japan.

Featured Image:equinix.se

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