G-Core Labs Adds Bare Metal Server Site in Amsterdam

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Sienna Rowley
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G-Core Labs adds bare metal server site in Amsterdam

A few days back, G-Core Labs opened a new bare metal server location in Amsterdam, the Dutch capital. The servers are housed in a Tier IV data center having access to high bandwidth infrastructure.

G-Core Labs stated that with their new Bare-Metal-as-a-Service (BMaaS), users can easily access the dedicated servers, clients will be allotted dedicated server resources. This, as a result, boosts performance and improves the security of the server.

Currently, G-Core Labs has bare metal server sites in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Luxembourg, Moscow, Manassas, Paris, Singapore, Santa Clara, and Tokyo. By the end of 2021, some cities such as Hong Kong, Johannesburg

For optimal server performance, the bare metal servers are integrated with Intel’s latest technologies. A few months back, G-Core Labs got the title of being one of the first firms integrating 3rd gen Intel Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake) to their cloud service server architecture. This allows them to execute resource-intensive activities instantly.

Deputy Head of G-Core Labs cloud platforms, Alex Federighi stated that BMaaS resolves inconvenience faced in other server types, and server provisioning is as fast as virtual machines.

Earlier setting up dedicated servers would take a long time but with BMaaS it just takes few minutes before the server is ready for work. And, in this case, you will have better security and performance as there are no noisy neighbors. Additionally, bare metal nodes can perform tasks that even virtualization can’t do. For instance, game servers and databases that use high-server resources.

Basically, BMaaS is more efficient than Virtualized Servers.

Featured Image: gcorelabs.com

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