DE-CIX declares the extension of its 10 data centers in India

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DE-CIX India declared the extension of its Internet Exchange points of presence (PoPs) at Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai to satisfy the growing demand in bandwidth capacity and internet usage caused the COVID-19 pandemic.

Implementation of new PoPs

The previous month the company launched its fifth PoP in Mumbai. Currently, DE-CIX has imployed the latest PoPs within STT Telemedia DC’s (Tata Communications) in Delhi and Chennai.

DE-CIX India connects over 250 networks and is the sole Open_IX certified IX in India that connects the ISPs, Cloud Companies, Content Delivery Networks, OTTs, and other network providers besides educational institutes in the connected networks. Additionally, DE-CIX India has introduced its DirectCLOUD service at DE-CIX Mumbai. The aforementioned service allows clients to reach the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange and connect to global cloud services, including those given by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud.

Sr. Vice President of National Sales, DE-CIX India, Sudhir Kunder stated that the interconnection is the core of adoption, acceleration, and extension of the internet in any country. Presently, the data centers are the warehouses of the digital economy, offering a home not only for data but also for platforms and applications that have become so widespread in the modern era. The latest PoPs will grab furthermore clients by the requirements of low-latency edge and help them cost-efficiently expand their reach via access to a global network platform that reaches hundreds of networks throughout the world. He additionally stated through the offerings of interconnection that are scalable, flexible, and powerful, they can satisfy the increasing connectivity demands of global clients over all verticals.

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