Datadog declares Compliance Monitoring

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Datadog, Cloud applications monitoring, and security platform declared Compliance Monitoring. Datadog’s latest product is able to recognize misconfigurations that create compliance drift as soon as they happen. On recognizing the issue, Compliance Monitoring instantly mentions engineers, allowing them to instantly take remedial action for any issues. Compliance Monitoring is able to track the state of all cloud-native resources like groups, storage buckets, load balancers, and Kubernetes.

Compliance Monitoring Principal features:

  • Wide spectrum security observability: Compliance Monitor instantly identifies all assets and their configuration, and unites this asset data with the complete telemetry of the Datadog platform. Recognizing misconfigurations in the circumstances of other threats and application performance enables developers and security engineers to go from recognizing a badly configured service to diagnosing an attack in seconds.
  • Continuous compliance posture: Datadog utilizes two methods to constantly evaluate the configs of an environment. Initially, Datadog crawls cloud health services configuration, ingesting this data and examining it. Secondly, the Datadog agent gathers data from servers and containers.
  • Compliance Status Snapshot: Expert-built dashboards provide entire snaps of the adherence to standard compliance frameworks and standards like PCI DSS and CIS Benchmarks.
  • Production-ready file integrity monitoring (FIM): Datadog’s single universal agent gathers data from containers, Kubernetes clusters, and hosts so companies can observe runtime security as they shift their workloads to the cloud.
  • Easy custom governance policies: Datadog provides an easy WYSIWYG interface for users to develop their own custom security and governance policies and reporting dashboards.

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