Datadog Acquires Seekret, an API Observability Company

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Recently, Datadog, a cloud applications monitoring and security platform, declared its acquisition of Seekret, an API observability company.

Through the acquisition, Datadog aims to combine Seekret’s capabilities with its platform, thereby offering more improved API observability, governance, and automation across the whole lifecycle.

The Israeli API observability company ‘Seekret’ has eBPF technology that is powerful enough to discover and visualize the API assets, interconnections automatically, and dependencies, thereby allowing the developers to study the API behavior and usage in-depth patterns even in complex and dynamic environments. This helps streamline the whole API development process.

Additionally, Seekret automatically validates API best practices, generating tests and documentation, tracking API behavior, and verifying compliance with the company policy to enforce standards.

Seekret is likewise capable of analyzing the impact of API changes within the CI/CD pipeline, making it more straightforward for the developers to identify the breaking changes before the API heads over to production.

The features offered by Seekret will allow businesses and organizations to save time by reducing the guesswork and allowing the teams to take action rapidly and confidently.

Meanwhile, Datadog’s Senior VP of Product department, Renaud Boutet said, “APIs are the building blocks for modern software and are therefore essential to every Datadog customer. Adding Seekret’s platform will give us an opportunity to build many different capabilities for our customers for API observability, security, and collaboration. We are excited to have the Seekret team join us on this journey.”

Datadog and Seekret’s partnership will help duo build new security products that offer more features for developers, operations and security engineers.

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