Cloudflare Thwarts 26M RPS DDoS Attack, Biggest Ever Attack in its History

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American content delivery network and DDoS mitigation company, Cloudflare mitigates 26 million requests per second DDoS attack.

Reportedly, a powerful DDoS attack was carried out on one of the websites of Cloudflare’s free plan users. The CDN provider said it mitigated the biggest DDoS attack in its history.

Meanwhile, Cloudflare said, the attack originated from powerful servers and virtual machines of Cloud Service Providers unlike Weaker IoT devices from compromised Residential ISPs.

The threat actors used a powerful botnet of 5067 devices with each node capable of generating a max of 5200 requests per second.

Cloudflare Product Manager Omer Yoachimik revealed, “To contrast the size of this botnet, we’ve been tracking another much larger but less powerful botnet of over 730,000 devices.”

He explained the intensity of the attack by comparing the two botnets, a smaller yet powerful botnet of 5067 devices and a larger one with more than 730K devices.

The smaller botnet was able to generate 5200 requests per second on each node at max while the larger botnet could merely manage 1.3 rps on average per device. This implies that the larger botnet was 4000 times more powerful because of the powerful virtual machines and servers.

Cloudflare thwarts 26M RPS DDoS

Yet another thing worth noting is that the DDOS attacks in June and April were executed over HTTPS which is more expensive because of the higher cost of establishing a secure TLS encrypted connection.

The botnet used in June month’s 26 million requests per second DDoS attack generated over 212 million HTTPS requests within 30 seconds through the requests from over 1.5K networks located in 121 countries globally.

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