KDE Frameworks 5.95 Now Available to Download

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Sienna Rowley
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K desktop environment team has announced the roll out KDE Framework 5.95. The newest release incorporates numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

Meanwhile, KDE Framework is an open-source collection of 83 add-on libraries for programming with Qt. which offers the crucial functionalities for KDE plasma and KDE gear.

Enhancements in Latest Version of KDE Frameworks

Some of the highlighting enhancements found in the newest KDE version are:

  • Addresses the memory leak in the Wayland session.
  • Preview generation for RAW image types.
  • Animations of progress bars and sliders became seamless.

Furthermore KDE Frameworks 5.95 enhances Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.

Additionally, a few of the most remarkable features and enhancements included in the latest version are as below:


  • Make the Calendar::accessMode property actually accessible from QML
  • Don’t heap allocate ICalFormatImpl in ICalFormat::Private
  • Don’t remove the hasGeo property for Qt6, just make it read-only
  • Change Calendar::sortX() methods to work in-place
  • Initialize all fields in a default constructed Attendee object
  • Add Duration <-> iCal string conversion methods to ICalFormat
  • Deprecate largely unused rawEventsForDate overload


  • New: KMemoryInfo class
  • KPluginFactory: Create un-deprecated overload to register CreateInstanceWithMetaDataFunction
  • KSignalHandler: add error warnings when reading or writing signal
  • KPluginFactory: Provide better context in error message if instance could not be created
  • KJob: add method to check if job was started with exec()
  • New util ksandbox
  • KDirWatch: handle IN_Q_OVERFLOW events
  • KListOpenFilesJob: check lsof executable exist in PATH before starting it with QProcess
  • KAboutData: improve the API docs for LicenseKey enum

KDE GUI Addons

  • WaylandClipboard: DataControlSource: delete m_mimeData in dtor
  • keysequence: Fix race between recording and currentKeySequence
  • keysequence: Fix warning message about sequence size to be more precise
  • keysequence: Replace magic number 4 with enum constant


  • Don’t add empty dictionary to context menu
  • Fix whitespace slider & group text related options
  • Ensure to keep special dictionary setting on replaced word
  • Observe changes on textChanged for QSpinBox
  • Export multi cursors to JS
  • Add multi cursor API
  • Add suggestion on top of context menu
  • Avoid calling slightly expensive contextMenu() twice
  • Ensure next right click works properly if there was a selection
  • Protect replaceWordBySuggestion against segfault
  • Support to change dictionary on words and selections
  • Oops! Fix permanent active misspelled range after word selection
  • Add misspelled word to spell menu action
  • Properly support to fix selected words by spell check
  • Move spellcheck entry in context menu on top
  • Don’t track mouse move for spellcheking
  • Add an action to remove cursors from empty lines
  • Add methods to set/get cursors and selections


  • Add AppletPopup window type to PlasmaShellSurface
  • Raise minimum plasma-wayland-proto version to 1.7.0
  • Fix include dir in the generated pri file
  • client: Bump plasmashell version to 7

Plasma Framework

  • Dialog should use the Dock type unless requested otherwise (bug 454635)
  • Do not send all windows below the dialog when window type is AppletPopup
  • Use QT_FEATURE_foo to detect opengl* support, and TARGET for glesv2
  • extras/Representation: Bump QML imports
  • extras/Representation: Fix indentation
  • Disable spacing around ActionTextFields action-row when it is empty
  • Disable undo operation for PlasmaExtras PasswordField
  • breeze/widgets: Make analog clock follow accent color
  • KDeclarative::ConfigPropertyMap has been deprecated since 5.89
  • extras/PasswordField: Fix imports and docs
  • PC3 ScrollView: Move contentItem clipping hack into a Binding component
  • PC3 ScrollView: Drop support for nullable ScrollBars
  • PC3 ScrollView: Remove id from a scrollbar
  • PC3 ScrollView: Fix ScrollBar.active property
  • Dialog: Expose QQuickItem instead and cast to AppletQuickItem in C++
  • Implement resize capability for Plasma dialog 
  • Use size_t for qHash return values
  • Protect against missing KService lib when building without deprecations
  • Plasma:PluginLoader: Add missing fwd of KPluginInfo
  • Plasma::Theme: Add accessor for metadata
  • ExpandableListItem: Refactor JavaScript expression to use newer features
  • [Calendar] Wheel year on year view and decade on decade view
  • Use QSFPM::setFilterRegularExpression everywhere
  • Remove author data, name and description from package metadata files
  • plasmaquick: fix a memory leak caused by qmlRegisterType
  • containmentinterface: Change wallpaper plugin in dropjob action
  • Revert “IconItem: Allow specifying a custom loader”

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