Alibaba Cloud Helps Retailers to combat Coronavirus | E-commerce Solution

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Sienna Rowley
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The recent update from Alibaba cloud. Alibaba Cloud will help retailer businesses that are impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. They provide tailored e-commerce solutions.

Everyone is affected by a coronavirus, all traditional retail enterprises are facing numerous challenges. Such as they don’t have access to supplies or low customer demands or restrictions imposed by the recent coronavirus epidemic. To overcome such challenges, digital platforms are the best solution for a traditional retailer’s issues until the epidemic’s effects wear off.

Shifting to E-commerce

As we see a large number of shoppers have turned to online e-commerce websites. So, the demand for e-commerce solutions is now increasing. Most of the retailers want to switch to online e-commerce business because of coronavirus outbreak. Even all retail enterprises now realize that why online eCommerce business or cannel is important. They faced many challenges without technical knowledge, technology or proper tools. While they want to shift their local retailer business to e-commerce.

At the bad time of the world, Alibaba Cloud now helps all the online retailers who impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Alibaba Cloud group launch a number of customized online e-commerce solutions for retailers. According to the Alibaba Cloud, Retailers can easily switch or launch their B2C e-commerce platform within 5 days. It is known as the Tailored Solution or Alibaba Cloud e-commerce solution. It is consists of all the online cloud solutions and products like databases, computing, video live streaming, multimedia, collaboration, data analytics, and security.

Alibaba cloud organized a special webinar on Cloud e-commerce solutions. In the webinar, all retailers informed that how they can use Alibaba Clouds’ e-commerce solution for their retail business in a short time, in a worse situation like coronavirus outbreak.

The important thing is that this e-commerce solution is totally free for three months. Alibaba Cloud also supports all eligible organizations 3-month free usage by offering 1000 USD cloud credits.

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