A10 Networks launched DNS Over HTTPS

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A10 Networks reported the accessibility of its Domain Name System (DNS) over HTTPS (DoH) capacity in the Thunder Convergent Firewall (CFW). This native capability enables service providers to offer DoH administrations to their subscribers. It helps associations who run the DNS framework convey higher DNS security by forestalling impedance and empowering client protection insurance through start to finish encryption for DNS inquiries, without giving up the exhibition and inactivity required for DNS foundation. DoH guarantees further security to endorsers against DNS-based assaults. This, at last, improves operational capabilities for clients while upgrading security.

What DoH solution provides:

Investment protection: DNS infrastructure is designed to handle a large volume of traffic and is mostly exposed to extensive attacks. DNS infrastructure is one of the most critical components for operators. The DoH capability is designed to protect and augment the existing DNS infrastructure investment for service providers.

Scale and Performance: The DoH encryption enabled by TLS demands additional processing abilities. Thunder CFW is designed for the scale and performance required for high-volume DoH traffic.

Security and Visibility: A10 gives reliable application services to protect DNS infrastructure from multiple attack vectors, these are increased with the DoH capability. Organizations can connect multiple services as required.

Gunter Reiss, VP of worldwide marketing at A10 Networks said,

The DNS infrastructure’s security has never been crucial for service providers and for their enterprise clients than present. A10’s DNS over HTTPS capacity helps specialist organizations shield their DNS foundation from destroying assaults while giving the exhibition and scale required.

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