Cloudflare to Replace CAPTCHAs with Turnstile

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Web performance and security company Cloudflare is planning to replace the conventional CAPTCHAs with a new simple and secure solution, ‘Turnstile’.

Cloudflare’s new solution will allow web admins to replace the CAPTCHAs via an API regardless of whether they are Cloudflare customers.

Meanwhile, Cloudflare aims to save 500 years daily by eliminating the CAPTCHA system.

According to Cloudflare, Turnstile is an intelligent solution that automatically picks a rotating suite of browser challenges that work behind the scenes seeking any signal from a human user.

Additionally, Turnstile can recognize Private Access Tokens from the users running the newest macOS or iOS on their devices. This, in turn, allows Turnstile to validate a device with the vendor securely.

Cloudflare claims Turnstile obtained the same success rate of solving as the traditional CAPTCHAs. After implementing the new solution onto Cloudflare’s system, the average time spent on the challenge reduced from 32 seconds to one second.

Cloudflare’s CEO Matthew Prince said “it is taking one of the most hated pieces of Internet technology and making it more accessible, secure, and private for everyone to use.

Similar to our app that makes every user and the Internet safer, we’re excited to share Turnstile with developers of any size and anywhere for an improved and more private end-user experience.”

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