YouTube introduces new interface for its mobile app

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Sienna Rowley
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While using YouTube, you may have noticed a few UI changes in the full-screen video player of the mobile app.

The new interface makes it simpler to like or dislike a video, view the comments, and share what you are watching on the platform. On the old version of the full-screen player, the majority of features were hidden behind a swipe-up gesture whereas in the new version you can access the features at the front and also access related video in the bottom right corner.

That said, the new video player UI is only visible when you are watching videos on fullscreen.

Earlier, YouTube mobile app allowed to access the media controls and share button while watching videos in Portrait mode.

However, the revamped UI for the full-screen player allows doing the same in the landscape mode too.

Additionally, you can read the comments and type your replies by tapping the comment button. Earlier, this was not possible in the landscape mode and required to follow some additional steps like opening the comment section in portrait mode and then switching to full-screen mode.

According to Google spokesperson Allison Toh, starting from Monday, Google has begun rolling out the new UI to a few iOS and Android users and eventually make it available to all users.

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