Work from home & entertainment grows demand for data centers

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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It is reported that data centers have observed a growing demand for internet bandwidth as people either work from home or use video streaming for entertainment.
The growth has come at the time when data center companies are managing their operations with an insufficient count of staff.

Datacenter operator Web Werks has observed internet traffic increase between two and 10 times following the lockdown issued into force.

Nikhil Rathi, CEO of Web Werks stated that managed hosting and cloud computing have both increased during the lockdown and there has been a great increase in interest for co-location.

Increased demand for data centers

Demand has grown by almost eight times as companies shifted equipment or placed necessary requests on data centers for equipment. Requests for virtualization and cloud infrastructure have also created the demand to grow further.

Although overall bandwidth usage has increased as more people practiced video calls for work and others adapted to steam services to spend time, demand from offices has decreased, making it easier for data center operators to achieve capacity.

Sharad Sanghi, CEO, Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure (India), at NTT-Netmagic, spoked the capability to take in new servers is currently limited, so data centers would only be capable to give extra capacity within the capacity they currently have

The company recorded a 25-30% boost in internet bandwidth and for remote connectivity solutions utilizing virtual private networks (VPN) and Cloud-based services. Data centers are expected to provide maximum uptime to clients, which requires constant monitoring, processing, and maintenance. This is particularly significant in a time like this when they are used to support several crucial services.

Piyush Somani, CEO of data center operator ESDS said that the greatest challenge with data center service providers is more to do with the security and availability of data, making backups, failure recovery, and BCP services at the click of a button

As all major companies are operating from home, data centers, cloud services, and online backups are necessary, and this is where data centers rise in and connect the gap.

Most utmost data center operators stated that they at present have adequate capacity to satisfy risen requests over the following some months.

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