Windows 10 Notepad will warn when you’re running an old version

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The Windows 10 Notepad will soon incorporate a built-in notification that will notify users whenever a new version is available to download.

Since 2018, Microsoft started modernizing the Windows 10 Notepad text editor by introducing features like wrap-around find and replace and support for UTF-8.

Later in 2019, Microsoft blabbered between if they would be distributing Notepad via the Microsoft Store or not.

Eventually, in March 2021, Microsoft released Windows Insider build 21337 and announced that Microsoft is going to be an inbox app, which can be updated via the Microsoft Store outside regular Windows 10 updates.

Notepad now alerts you about new versions

Lately, on May 4, Windows Windows internals researcher and CrowdStrike VP of Endpoint Engineering Alex Ionescu tweeted regarding an all-new Notepad feature that alerts users when a new version is available.

The alert, as mentioned in the tweet, is displayed while the Windows 10 Notepad is already open on your system and a new version is installed via the Microsoft store.

Windows 10 Notepad alerting users about new version availability

If you are one of the users that run Windows 10 Insider preview builds in the ‘Dev’ channel, you can download the latest version of Notepad from the Microsoft store.

When we tried to install a new version of Notepad on Windows 10 Insider build 21376 from the ‘Dev’ channel, the Notepad window automatically got closed and restarted after updated to the latest version. Also, after the restart, we noticed that our content from previous windows got restored.

In all, we had a quite different experience from what Ionescu was mentioning in his tweet. It is unclear, why Ionescu’s Notepad window displayed an alert rather than restarting. Nevertheless, there might be some reason why Windows was unable to restart the program automatically.

Now, Windows 10 Notepad is being developed outside of the standard Windows 10 codebase and delivered through the Microsoft Store, the tech giant can offer its users new and updated features at a more rapid pace.

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