WhatsApp Alternative ‘Signal App’ Crashes Due to Surge in New Users

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Recently, Signal App experienced an unusual surge in its new days after WhatsApp updated its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Signal, a secure messaging app and has been chosen as a safer WhatsApp alternative in 2021. Considering that Signal has never managed the user surge like this in the past, some minimal technical glitches lead to the Signal app getting crashed. Few users have informed about the slowdowns and other problems with the encrypted messaging app ‘Signal’.

Users are facing registration delays while creating new accounts and carriers are making adjustments on their side to continue to deliver the verification codes as soon as possible. The secure chat messaging service provider stated that now as delivery delays have been mitigated across several mobile network operators so now the registration process should be seamless.

In the last few days, Signal has become the best WhatsApp alternative in India and several other countries. Signal has shared the screenshot that apparently displayed the encrypted message app at the top charts in India. Additionally, it also trended in Germany, France, Austria, Hong Kong, Finland, and Switzerland.

Signal saw surge in new users because of two reasons:

  • Elon Musk who has always been an open critic of Facebook asked his followers to use Signal as a WhatsApp alternative.
  • Facebook-owned messaging app ‘WhatsApp began sending popups to worldwide users asking them to accept the privacy policy before February 8 in order to continue utilizing its services.

Mr. Musk didn’t particularly point to the new WhatsApp terms or gave any additional explanation for why he is suggesting hos people top use the secure messaging app.

Additionally, if you are intuitive, then you can read this news article on WhatsApp Vs Signal Vs Telegram Vs Messenger: What Data Does Each App Collect & Which One is Safe?

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