What is better for business Cloud hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting?

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Web hosting is one of the most essential necessities with respect to launching a site. In hosting service there are many types to handle various kinds of demands. Between all dedicated server hosting and cloud hosting are the two kinds of popular web hosting.

Many people are confused while choosing a web hosting for their business. In this article, we will help you in picking a better of two popular web hosting i.e cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting for your business.

Better of two web hosting

A comparison will be done between the two to make you better understand. Key factors that are important for any hosting service will be highlighted. Also, we will see how both cloud and dedicated server hosting fares in those factors.


Uptime is the most noteworthy need of a site. Regardless of in the case that you are operating an eCommerce store or a site, downtime can gradually affect your earnings but also discourage users away from your website.

In cloud hosting your data is distributed across several servers simultaneously so downtime is not expected. However, if in case it occurs then the issue will be solved quickly.

But in case of a dedicated server. if any problems happen with your server, then your application or website hosted on the server will suffer downtime till the issues are settled.

Cloud hosting is better if uptime is your preference.


Cloud hosting is a more suitable option if scalability is your priority. Because allotting more resources is more manageable in the cloud architecture. Furthermore, it provides you higher flexibility to scale up or down whenever needed, thus enabling you to only spend for what you utilize.

The drawback in the case of dedicated server hosting is even though you fully utilize resources or not you have to pay for whole server resources. Likewise, if you want to migrate server because of lower resource then it will generate downtime while the process of migration.


Cost is another essential factor with regards to selecting a web hosting. Neither cloud hosting nor dedicated server hosting are the least expensive choices out there.

In dedicated server hosting the cost ranges from between $100 to $1000 and depends on the resource configuration.

In cloud hosting, we have a big advantage that we need to pay only for what we utilize. Also, we can cut down spending by optimizing demands.


In terms of performance dedicated server hosting is better than cloud hosting. This is principally because resources in a dedicated hosting architecture all of the is feasible for a single app or website, thus improving performance.

However, in cloud servers, the continued data access and routing processes that are involved include a minor latency. Nevertheless, cloud hosting service providers give extra features such as caching services and NIC (Network Interface Card), which serve in decreasing latency and increase speed.

Eventually, the requirements of the application or website that you are hosting decides the selection of cloud hosting or dedicated server hosting service.


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