Vodafone Google Cloud Partnership Extended By Six Years

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Vodafone Google Cloud partnership extended by six years. As a part of their collaboration, Google and Vodafone may provide consultancy services to other businesses.

Google and Vodafone declared that they are extending their partnership by six years, in part to build a powerful new data platform that can support the movement of 5,000 data feeds per day to the cloud. 

The platform will enable Vodafone to take full advantage of its massive amounts of data, and thereby offer new digital products and services to clients worldwide. While Vodafone and Google are building the platform to foster the needs of the telecom giant (Vodafone), the companies will moreover look to explore the possibilities of offering consultancy services to other businesses, either collectively or individually. 

More than two years ago, Vodafone first decided to shift its enormous, on-premise big data systems to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Now, as part of their extended partnership, Vodafone is re-platforming its SAP system and shifting them to GCP (Google Cloud Platform). 

Both the companies are collectively innovating the new platform, named Nucleus, to integrate all of Vodafone’s global data with a standard data model and common processes, data sourcing, and data products. The platform heavily depends on clear lineage and strong data governance capabilities from Google Cloud. 

The Nucleus platform will include a new system called Dynamo, which will extract and manage data from source systems and share it in a standard format. The system can support up to 50 terabytes of data per day. The system should avoid excessive data extraction efforts, thanks to reusable connectors and data pipelines. Promote the re-use of data and compliance with data standards across markets by basing all the user interfaces on common APIs and strong security and compliance protocols.

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