Vivaldi 4.3 Brings PWA Support, Sync, and Other Improvements

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Recently, Vivaldi upgraded its browser to version 4.3. Vivaldi is a chromium-based ad block browser. The Browser brings PWA support, sync, and other improvements.

Vivaldi co-founder and CEO Jon Von Tetzchner in a blog post wrote that the new version of Vivaldi 4.3 will be mainly focussing on privacy and useful features that are important to improve overall decision making and get the task done a lot quicker.

The Vivaldi 4.3 version brings in PWA support and additionally with improvements in language translation, privacy-friendly Vivaldi Mail, and Calendar.

What’s new in Vivaldi 4.3

Here are some of the support and improvements added in Vivaldi 4.3:

Blocking of Google Idle API: Recently, Google released a behavioral tracking feature named the Idle Detection API that allows websites to identify whether the visitors are using mouse and keyboard or sitting idle. Vivaldi by default blocks this API on both Android and Chrome. However, if you want, you can enable it too.

PWA Support: Now, Vivaldi supports the full Progressive Web App (PWA), you can easily install PWAs on your desktop. Moreover, you also get the ability to make shortcuts for non-PWA’s similar to other web browsers.

Improved Vivaldi Translate: The new update brings support for 68 new languages, which makes the total 108 languages. Powered by Lingvanex, the Vivaldi Translate feature can quickly translate the languages, that too without having to install third-party extensions.

Enhanced Capture: Vivaldi’s capture feature allows users to take screenshots of the website, as a whole page and then later share them. The capture feature Vivaldi 4.3 has been redesigned and now brings a delightful UI along with some improvements like a resize option and some other effective communication tools.

Improved Download Panel: The new enhanced download panel in Vivaldi now shows a graph along with real-time download speed, added new download restart button and new search download file button.

Enhanced Sync: The sync capabilities of Vivaldi have been given a retouch and have enhanced account setup and recovery. Additionally, you can now download the backup encryption key.

Vivaldi Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader Improved: The integrated apps like Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader have been updated. After the update, the Mail and Calendar OAuth login is specific to Mail and Calendar apps.

So, basically, when you sign in to Gmail with Mail, you won’t be logged in to other Google services in your browser. This is a great privacy update as Google won’t easily track you on the internet

Additionally, Vivaldi Mail Window in Vivaldi 4.3, allows users to easily drag and drop the file attachments in the mail.

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Vivaldi’s Official Blog Post

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