RHEL 8.5 Release Brings Several Improvements and Features

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Are you excited to upgrade to the newest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

There’s a piece of good news for you, starting from RHEL 8.5 Beta, an explicit beta subscription is no longer required for OS installation. Now, Red Hat accounts don’t have any restrictions on the number of Red Hat Beta Access subscriptions, it’s unlimited. Now, Red Hat accounts won’t have any limitations on the number of Red Hat Beta Access subscriptions.

Recently, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or RHEL 8.5 was released. Let’s take a look at the features and improvements in this release.

RHEL 8.5 Beta brings live kernel patching for the web console, based on the open-source Cockpit project. Additionally, the release brings in several system roles and management improvements and eliminates the need to explicitly request beta access.

Furthermore, the upcoming release will be specially crafted to improve the efficiency of RHEL so it easily manages and deploys.

RHEL Beta 8.5 System Roles

With this RHEL Beta some of the new and improved system roles incorporate:

  • RHEL system role for VPN minimizes the time taken for configuring the VPN tunnels and also minimizes the chances of misconfigured settings. Additionally, it supports host-to-host and mesh VPN configs.
  • RHEL system role for Microsoft SQL Server enables the Database administrators (DBAs) and the IT admins for quick installation, configuration and fine tuning of the SQL Server automatically.
  • RHEL system role for timesync utilizes a new Network Time Security (NTS) option as part of the current timesync system role.
  • RHEL system role for Postfix is fully compatible with RHEL 8.5. This system role allows admins to skip the manual configuration of Postfix, automate the whole process including the installation, configuration and initialization of the server. Besides this, you can set the custom settings for the working of Postfix in your environment this allows more control over the server.
  • RHEL system role for Storage brings supports for the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) volumes and volume sizes that indicates the total size of the pool in percentage.

Now, let’s see the new utilities in RHEL 8.5 Beta:

  • Improved web console performance metrics: The new improved performance metrics page has been added in RHEL 8.5 Beta release. The metrics page enables RHEL users to keep track of the resources and also recognize the possible reasons for spikes in CPU, memory, disk and network usage. Moreover, the clients can easily exports the metrics onto a Grafana server.
  • Kernel live patching management through the web console: No more need of a command line tool, with the new web console interface, live kernel updates can be applied easily.

The tentative date for the RHEL 8.5 official release is said to be in early November.

Featured Image: https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/red-hat-enterprise-linux-85-beta-now-available

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