Tencent Cloud adds three Asian data centers, one in Frankfurt, Germany

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Chinese tech giant, ‘Tencent Cloud’ adds three new Asian data centers namely in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and one in Frankfurt, Germany. Now, Tencent Cloud is offering its services to 27 regions and 66 availability zones.

With the addition of four data centers, Tencent Cloud has bumped up its global coverage by 30% this year. The recent move pushes its network footprint to 27 regions and 66 availability zones globally.

On Thursday, Tencent said that it added second availability zones in Bangkok, Frankfurt, and Tokyo as well as a third in Hong Kong. The new data centers would be fostering the increasing demands for and spend on cloud computing services.

Poshu Yeung, the senior vice president for cloud international noted that Tencent was aiming to boost its global data center coverage by 30% this year.

Yeung further said that as the demand for cloud computing is growing, enterprise clients may want more variations in service offerings as well as more robust redundancy and backup options.

Tencent said 52% of the organizations across the globe were anticipated to be tapping cloud services the previous year, with 34% projected to further embrace cloud infrastructure within the next few years. Public cloud services also were anticipated to climb 23.1% this year to hit $332.3 billion.

As per Tencent, all four data centers were tier-3 facilities and found in “prime network hubs”, with connectivity to major local and international network operators. 

The vendor in April opened its first data center in Indonesia.

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