Supermicro Launches the Latest Solution for Leveraging Scality RING

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Super Micro Computer declared the release of its latest solution leveraging the Scality RING offering, which will allow enterprises to scale and safeguard their most valuable assets. Super Micro Computer is a provider of enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions, and green computing technology. Scality RING is a software-defined native file and object storage solution for huge-scale on-premises storage and management of unorganized data.

Collaboration for Petabyte-scale Storage Framework

RING utilizes several data protection methods incorporating geo-distribution capabilities to allow both performance-optimized and capacity-optimized storage with automated data endurance levels. The Scality solution and Supermicro give a petabyte-scale storage framework providing cost-efficient scaling, performance, and flexibility paired with Supermicro’s optimized hardware configurations that grant users an appliance-like deployment and service levels to match enterprise demands.

Supermicro’s senior vice president Vik Malyala stated that being part of their current dedication to operate with prominent software organizations. Supermicro is presently tieing up with Scality to introduce easy, scalable, and powerful storage to the most demanding environments presently. Clients will swiftly observe how simple is to deploy the Scality RING software on Supermicro servers and storage systems. Their reference architectures enable them to design and execute solutions depending upon client needs from their resilient Building Block Solutions procedure.

RING which is intended to scale-out past time, over several generations can exploit the lower-latency access features of NVMe to sustain its internal metadata.

Supermicro’s configurable systems with the most advanced storage interface technologies linked with Scality’s industry-leading RING allows clients to resolve data storage and orchestration difficulties at a petabyte-scale, as per the statement of Wally MacDermid, vice president of strategic alliances at Scality.

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