Sucuri to give free WAF for medical & social services

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Sucuri has declared that the company will give free WAF for medical and social services for one year during coronavirus pandemic. The company will be giving website protection and improved performance for dedicated professionals and volunteer services who are fighting against the coronavirus outbreak. Sucuri stated there are several criminal minded people online who will take advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak. The people who are eligible for Sucuri’s free WAF are Hospitals, physicians, emergency medical technicians, and food banks.

Speeds up content delivery by 70%

It is necessary that all the websites that deliver public health information and social services remain online. A sudden increase in traffic can reduce the availability of a website. To manage traffic surges Sucuri’s WAF with the Anycast content delivery network (CDN) is used. The Anycast CDN stores duplicate copies of a website on various points of presence (PoP) throughout the world and then transfer content to an individual through the nearest PoP. This system increases a website’s availability during incidents of high traffic and advances up content delivery by an average of 70%.

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