Mozilla VPN Brings Multi-Hop Feature For More Privacy

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Lately, Mozilla announced that it is bringing a new feature into its VPN offering that offers mobile users enhanced privacy tools.

The Mozilla VPN version 2.7 includes a new feature named multi-hop VPN.

The multi-hop feature allows users to utilize two VPN servers: One entry VPN server for routing the traffic for the first time and another server an Exit VPN server for rerouting the traffic.

Mozilla, further reports that in the future they will minimize the number of countries while selecting the server location.

Multi-hop VPN works as follows:

  • Initially, the data traffic is encrypted on your device.
  • The VPN once again encrypts the data on your device (two encryption layers).
  • Encrypted data is routed to the first VPN server.
  • Now, second layer of encryption is removed.
  • Encrypted data is routed to the second VPN server.
  • Now, first layer of encryption is removed. As both the layers are removed, the data is completely decrypted.
  • Lastly, the decrypted data is sent to end point.

Here, we have illustrated how double-hop VPN works.

To start using the Multi-hop VPN feature in the Mozilla VPN, users need to open the Mozilla VPN app and tap on Select Location, and pick Multihop and pick the entry and exit locations.

The Multi-hop feature will be ideal for users especially the journalists and political activists who want added level of privacy while writing on sensitive topics and expressing their views freely.

The drawback of Mozilla VPN’s multi-hop feature is that the internet speed will be slower with the feature enable and faster draining of mobile battery. However, when privacy matters the most, most users will be willing to make a tradeoff.

Last but not the least, Mozilla VPN 2.7 incorporates an improved privacy feature named Multi-Account containers that lets users use the web with multiple accounts and integrate Mozilla VPN for added privacy.

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