LXQt Team Releases LXQt 1.1

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Five months after the release of LXQt 1.0, the team announces an update for the Qt-based desktop environment with the rollout of LXQt 1.1.

The latest release of the Lightweight Qt Desktop incorporates several new features and changes.

Let us see some highlighted features included in LXQt 1.1:

The latest release brings two new options “Recent Files” and “Open in Terminal” to the file manager. Additionally, the update also brings support for the file manager DBus interface utilized by Firefox and Chromium thereby allowing them to call the default folders and show the files on the browser.

Moving bookmarks using the Bookmarks context menu is now easier than before. A few terminal emulators now offer better support for launching apps.

LXQt Power Manager now includes tray icons with the charge percentage. The translation has obtained several updates.

The new component xdg-desktop-portal-lxqt is added to LXQt, as a backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal. When it is installed, some non-Qt apps like Firefox can be set up to use the LXQt file dialog.

The themes in the new release of the lightweight distro have been enhanced. Besides the theme improvement, new wallpapers are added. Also, matching Qt palettes are added for a fairly uniform look and feel with Qt widget styles like Fusion. They can be found and applied in LXQt Appearance Configuration → Widget Style → Qt Palette.

LXQt Session Settings gets a new option for global screen scaling.

For complete information about the features and changes in LXQt 1.1, you can read the release notes.

Featured Image: muylinux.com

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