Linux Kernel 5.18 rc3 Now Available to Download

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On Sunday afternoon, Linux Torvalds announced the release of Linux Kernel 5.18 rc3. With the availability of the third release candidate, we are one step closer to a stable release scheduled towards the end of May.

In the announcement, he said everything looks regular, however, the diffstat may look a bit odd because of a few email updates that resulted in creating a lot of spread-out one-liner updates in the devicetree files. He also said that the update incorporates fixes for the sound card that resulted in displaying a lot of few lines for several sound drivers.

Here’s what Linus Torvald said in the 5.18-rc3 announcement:

It’s Sunday afternoon, and you all know what that means. It’s time for another release candidate.

(Yes, yes, it’s also Easter Sunday, but priorities, people!)

Things continue to look quite regular, although the diffstat may look a bit odd due to some email updates that ended up causing a lot of spread-out one-liner updates in the devicetree files.

There’s also a series to sound card probing error handling fixes (“Fix the missing snd_card_free() call at probe error”) which ends up showing as a lot of few-lines across a number of sound drivers.

But it all looks pretty small and fairly simple. Famous last words.

Please do test.

Linux Torvalds Announcement | Email Archive:

Linux kernel version 5.18-rc3 is now available:

Full source: Patch:

You can view the summary of the changes at the following URL:

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