Brian C. Lane Announces GNU Parted v3.5

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After toiling hard for about four months, GNU Parted v3.5 is now available to the general public.

Brian C. Lane announced the latest stable release of the command line utility and backend for the GParted tool via an email.

GNU Parted v3.5 brings support for the Linux /home GUID with the linux-home flag. Furthermore, the release now supports empty strings for partition names whilst they are set in -script mode and adds the use of the swap partition flag to msdos disk labeled disks.

The newest release of GNU Parted is reportedly bootstrapped with the below-mentioned tools:

  • Autoconf 2.71
  • Automake 1.16.5
  • Gettext 0.21
  • Gnulib v0.1-5201-g0cda5beb79
  • Gperf 3.1

The gnulib has been updated in this release, the gnulib allows for eliminating the mention of a particular partition.

GNU Parted 3.5 Features and Bug Fixes


  • Added –fix to –script mode to automatically fix problems like the backup
  • GPT header not being at the end of a disk.
  • Added the use of the swap partition flag to msdos disk labeled disks.
  • Allows the partition name to be an empty string when set in script mode.
  • Added –json command-line switch to output the details of the disk as JSON.
  • Added support for the Linux home GUID using the linux-home flag.

Bug Fixes

  • Minimized the disk size used during the tests thereby allowing to easily run the test suite on the systems with less memory. The size of the largest filesystem is now 267MB (fat32) while the rest of the partitions are just 10MB.
  • Added the support for the aarch64 and mips64 as valid machines for testing.
  • Escape colons and backslashes in the machine output. Device path, model, and partition name could all include these. They are now escaped with a backslash.
  • Used libdevmapper’s retry and remove the option when the device is BUSY. This prevents libdevmapper from printing confusing output when trying to remove a busy partition.
  • Keep GUID-specific attributes when writing the GPT header. Previously they were set to 0.

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