Google Chrome to Add Notes on Saved Passwords

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Google is said to be working on a new feature within its Chrome browser that allows users to add notes for the passwords stored on the browser.

The new feature will allow users to jot down notes for the currently saved passwords. In addition, the users can edit the saved password and add extra information like an email address or any security questions that may be needed while logging in to a particular site.

A Reddit user named u/Leopeva64-2 spotted this feature on the Google Chrome Canary version 101. Canary version is an experiment future version of a software that allows testers to test the features and enhancements before the software is widely rolled out to the general public as a stable version.

Google Saved Password Notes
Google Saved Password Notes as Spotted on Chrome Canary | Source: Reddit:: u/Leopeva64-2

Note: This feature is currently being tested and is available to some set of users.

Though this feature will be helpful in some ways, at the moment, we are unsure how secure this note would be.

We have already observed how the information-stealing malware RedLine can steal the password databases. If the notes are included with the saved password, they will likely be vulnerable too.

With the new note feature being added to the Chrome browser, the chances of compromised accounts also increase.

However, if the users set up multifactor authentication, the threat actors will not be able to access the account even if the credentials are compromised.

Alternatively, you can use password managers to store your account credentials securely.

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