Google Chrome Tests a Feature that Prolongs Battery Life

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Google Chrome is testing a new feature that prolongs battery life.

Chrome’s new feature, ‘ Quick Intensive Throttling,’ minimizes CPU time by up to 10%, prolonging the battery’s life span for laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Earlier, Google rolled out a feature named ‘Intensive Wake Up Throttling’ in Chrome 87. The feature restricts JavaScript from loading after a particular tab is inactive or hidden from the front view for over 5 minutes.

After implementing this feature, Google observed that Chrome’s CPU usage was lowered by as much as 5 times and saw battery life boost up to 1.25 hours.

According to a report by About Chromebooks, Google is working on a new feature named ‘Quick Intensive Timer Throttling‘ that minimizes the 5-minute timeout to 10 seconds while the page is hidden. The new feature, in turn, will minimize CPU utilization and extend battery life.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has issued a document explaining the new Quick Intensive Throttling feature.”The JS timer Intensive Wake Up Throttling (Doc) feature has been shipped in 86, which will align the timer wake-ups to the 1-minute interval after a grace period of 5 minutes.”

Microsoft further explained that the 5 minutes is quite conventional and opted to enable the launching of Intensive Wake-Up Throttling with lower regression risk.

Henceforth, the timeout will be reduced to 10 seconds for the loaded pages and are hidden.

Lastly, users can test this feature by installing the latest version of Chrome Canary or Chrome Dev.

Enable Chrome flag by following the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Open Chrome Canary or Chrome Dev
  • In the address bar, enter chrome://flags/#quick-intensive-throttling-after-loading
  • Enable the ‘Quick intensive throttling after loading’ by setting the flag to Enabled from Default

Once you have enabled the ‘Quick intensive throttling after loading’ flag, you will observe reduced CPU usage and improvement in battery life.

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