Google Chrome Fixed Bug In The Antivirus That Locks File on Windows 10

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Sienna Rowley
Sienna Rowley
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Google Chrome fixed a bug in Windows 10 that allowed antivirus programs to lock newly created files.

The latest patch update from Microsoft will resolve the issue and antivirus will no longer block the newly created files by the Chrome web browser such as the browser’s bookmarks.

Antivirus Bug Locks New Files

Essentially for safety precaution, at certain times the antivirus program momentarily locks newly generated files on the system until those files could be scanned and ruled out for malicious activity.

Particularly, Google Chrome fixed this critical bug that caused issues for the Google Chrome web browser whenever it used an ImportantFileWriter to output those specific files.

Bruce Dawson, a Google engineer explained that the locked files can further cause issues while saving bookmarks and other important files that utilize the ImportantFileWriter.

A solution for the fix has been issued on Chromium’s Source codebase. It solves the bug by retrying the execution of the ReplaceFile method several times to subdue the probable race condition in which antivirus software takes over a file and locks while being concurrently accessed by Chrome.

It is said that the changes made in the code also has a machine learning perspective to them. This implies that with time, Chromium will teach itself to fine-tune the number of trials required to circumvent those race conditions.

The fix has been merged on December 30, 2020’s repository, and is anticipated that the Google Chrome antivirus bug patch will be shipped along with the next version of Google Chrome as Google has already fixed the bug.

Chrome users should watch out for any future releases and ensure that they keep their browsers updated.

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